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Cannot find extension method AddFluentMigratorCore

See original GitHub issue


I’m trying out this library for my project, but can’t get it set up.

From the samples, I try

var services = new ServiceCollection()

My IntelliSense tells me this method is not available and I also couldn’t find it in this repo.

I tried this with a console app using .netcoreapp2.2, .netcoreapp2.0, and .NETFramework4.6.1. My installed nuget packages are

  • FluentMigrator (3.1.3),
  • FluentMigrator.Runner.SqlServer (3.1.3),
  • FluentMigrator.Extensions.SqlServer (3.1.3)

I feel like I’m missing something very simple. Do you know what it could be?

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  • Created 5 years ago
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rhegnercommented, Mar 19, 2020

In my scenario I’m only using one specific runner (MySql). So I don’t necessarily want to add all the indirect dependencies for the other database types to my project. It would be nicer to move AddFluentMigratorCore to the FluentMigrator.Runner.Core or to a new FluentMigrator.Runner.DependencyInjection package.

fubar-codercommented, Jan 31, 2019

You need the package FluentMigrator.Runner.

EDIT: Please take a look at the quick start tutorial.

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