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not able to write text at bottom of file

See original GitHub issue

Hi, I am using pdfkit successfully and able to write text to multiple coordinates as shown in attached pdf.

I am having issues writing to the bottom/right side/edges of the pdf.

when writing to the right side of the page - it has a tendency to wrap and go to next line even if I see plenty of space in right side. Similarly, when writing to the bottom, it goes to next page even if sufficient space is available at the bottom.

As you see in the pdf attached, the image has plenty of space at the bottom where I want to write. But after certain coordinates (712 on Y-axis) text moves to next page.

`var doc = new pdf({ size: ‘letter’, layout : ‘portrait’,

	margin : {
		top : 0.095 * 72,
		left: 0.2 * 72,
		right: 0.2 * 72,
		bottom: 0

doc.pipe(fs.createWriteStream(__dirname + "/pdf/" + name));
// doc.pipe (fs.createWriteStream('foo.pdf'));
// doc.pipe(fs.createWriteStream(__dirname + "/pdf/" + name));

//add background image 
doc.image(__dirname + "/cms1500.png", {
	x: 0.2 * 72,
	y: 0.095 * 72,
	width: (612 - 2 *0.2 * 72),
	height: (792 - 2  *0.095 * 72)


for (var i=0; i< 713; i++){ doc.text (i + " => do you see me ", 380, i); }

doc.on('end', function() {
	console.log("pdf created");
	return cb(true);


58bdcd68b84b6c14900c1471.pdf `

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  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:7

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

prescottpruecommented, Apr 14, 2017

@quicksoftpro Thanks! That got me on the right track, but I had to pass the settings to the constructor when creating the doc like so:

const pdfDoc = new PDFDocument({
  margins: {
    bottom: 0,
quick-sortcommented, Sep 4, 2018

doc.text(text, x, y, {height:}) works for me. However I cannot change the color of the font

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