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Add more string functions - StringBuilder extension

See original GitHub issue


For the StringBuilder extension, it will be used like below with the function from my String.fs:

let s = (fun builder ->
    builder.printfn "%s" "hello"
    builder.printfn "%i%i" 4 2

The motivation to use this extension is to avoid the repetitive use of ignore caused by the fact StringBuilder’s Write and WriteLine returns the StringBuilder for method chaining. Also, sb.WriteLine(sprintf "%i" 42).WriteLine(sprintf "%s" "foo").ToString() looks odd and ugly imo, but this might be just a personal impression.

the build and the StringBuilder functions looks nice to me, but let’s open another issue for StringBuilder extensions as at the moment we don’t have any of them, and it might require more discussion.

Referece implementation:

From cannorin/prelude.fs:

let build (builder: StringBuilder -> unit) =
  let sb = new StringBuilder()
  builder sb

type StringBuilder with
  member inline this.printf format =
    Printf.kprintf (fun s -> this.Append s |> ignore) format

  member inline this.printfn format =
    Printf.kprintf (fun s -> this.AppendLine s |> ignore) format

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

gustycommented, Jul 31, 2019

I propose let’s put in hold for now, for the above reasons plus it looks to me like that proposal it’s gonna be approved. If it’s declined we can add something, either this original proposed code, or the builder from @vasily-kirichenko if he agrees.

wallymathieucommented, Aug 1, 2019

Perhaps something to try out in a separate repository to see what’s possible?

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