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Add extensions for IHostBuilder

See original GitHub issue

The current implementation for MS’s DI is for IWebHostBuilder, but given the new Generic Hosts, I think more and more will use the IHostBuilder builder.

Please add a .UseSentry() for IHostBuilder. 😃

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xt0rtedcommented, Jul 29, 2019

I’m migrating a console app over to the new generic host and in order to use appsettings.json for my config with the ILoggingBuilder.AddSentry() method I needed to adjust my setup like so:

 var builder = Host.CreateDefaultBuilder()
     .ConfigureLogging((ctx, loggingBuilder) =>
+        loggingBuilder.Services.Configure<SentryLoggingOptions>(ctx.Configuration.GetSection("Sentry"));

To make this more reusable I’ve added a helper function:

public static class SentryHostBuilderExtensions
    public static IHostBuilder UseSentry(this IHostBuilder builder) =>
        builder.ConfigureLogging((ctx, logging) =>


And then I use it just like the core integration:

var builder = Host.CreateDefaultBuilder()
    .ConfigureServices((ctx, services) => { ... });
mattjohnsonpintcommented, May 19, 2022

Yes. I picked this up again a couple of weeks ago, starting with reviving #1015. There’s a lot of work still to do, and I’m not sure exactly when it will be completed, but I will update this issue when it’s ready.

In the meantime, you can use the current release as follows:

When using ASP.NET Core with the Web Host:


When using ASP.NET Core with the Generic Host:

    .ConfigureWebHostDefaults(webBuilder =>

When using the Generic Host without ASP.NET Core:

    .ConfigureServices(services =>
    .ConfigureLogging(loggingBuilder =>

The first two require Sentry.AspNetCore, but you only need Sentry.Extensions.Logging for the last one.

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