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AssistedInject for a type with generic parameter produces code that doesn't compile

See original GitHub issue

Dagger 2.31 The following class generates code that doesn’t compile:

package com.example

import dagger.assisted.Assisted
import dagger.assisted.AssistedFactory
import dagger.assisted.AssistedInject

class AssistedInjectRepro<T> @AssistedInject constructor(
    @Assisted obj: T,
) {

    interface Factory {

        fun <T> create(
            obj: T,
        ): AssistedInjectRepro<T>

generated code:

// Generated by Dagger (
package com.example;

import dagger.internal.InstanceFactory;
import javax.inject.Provider;

public class AssistedInjectRepro_Factory_Impl implements AssistedInjectRepro.Factory {
  private final AssistedInjectRepro_Factory<T> delegateFactory;

  AssistedInjectRepro_Factory_Impl(AssistedInjectRepro_Factory<T> delegateFactory) {
    this.delegateFactory = delegateFactory;

  public <T> AssistedInjectRepro<T> create(T obj) {
    return delegateFactory.get(obj);

  public static <T> Provider<AssistedInjectRepro.Factory> create(
      AssistedInjectRepro_Factory<T> delegateFactory) {
    return InstanceFactory.create(new AssistedInjectRepro_Factory_Impl(delegateFactory));

which fails with

> Task :app:kaptDebugKotlin FAILED
...generated/source/kapt/debug/com/example/ error: cannot find symbol
  private final AssistedInjectRepro_Factory<T> delegateFactory;
  symbol:   class T
  location: class AssistedInjectRepro_Factory_Impl/.../build/generated/source/kapt/debug/com/example/ error: cannot find symbol
  AssistedInjectRepro_Factory_Impl(AssistedInjectRepro_Factory<T> delegateFactory) {
  symbol:   class T
  location: class AssistedInjectRepro_Factory_Impl
FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

bcorsocommented, Jan 16, 2021

@lwasyl, thanks for the repro case!

I agree we should support this. I should be able to get a fix out soon.

bcorsocommented, Jan 28, 2021

@lwasyl, just a heads up that we’re still considering this but it’s unlikely it’ll be in the next release.

For now, I’m going to add some validation in our processor so that at least we’ll catch this and fail fast with a better error message rather than generating invalid java.

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