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[AssistedInject] Integration with @HiltViewModel

See original GitHub issue

It’d be nice to have Assisted Injection support for Hilt ViewModels.

A nice API would be something like the following:

class PlantDetailViewModel @AssistedInject constructor(
    savedStateHandle: SavedStateHandle,
    plantRepository: PlantRepository,
    @Assisted private val plantId: String
) : ViewModel() { ... }
interface PlantDetailViewModelFactory {
    fun create(plantId: String): PlantDetailViewModel

And use it from the View like:

class PlantDetailFragment : Fragment() {

    private val args: PlantDetailFragmentArgs by navArgs()

    lateinit var plantDetailViewModelFactory: PlantDetailViewModelFactory

    private val plantDetailViewModel: PlantDetailViewModel by viewModels {

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bompfcommented, Mar 17, 2021

This absolutely should be supported. Injecting ViewModels/Presenters is one of the primary use cases of AssistedInjection on Android.

tfcporciunculacommented, Feb 2, 2021

@wbervoets With the new @HiltViewModel you can have the SavedStateHandle as a dependency without having to annotate it with @Assisted. The SavedStateHandle is now a binding from the new ViewModelComponent, so it doesn’t need to be assist-injected anymore.

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