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Proguard issue: "DaggerApplication Can't find referenced class" (2.26)

See original GitHub issue

After migrating to 2.26 I started getting Proguard (not R8) obfuscation error:

Warning: can't find referenced class
Warning: can't find referenced class
Warning: can't find referenced class
Warning: can't find referenced class

I’ve noticed that 2.25 publishes proguard file within aar artifact: image but 2.26 seems to be missing it: image

So if I had to guess the output of the new ProguardProcessor doesn’t get added to output aar?

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BaloghTamascommented, Feb 4, 2020

Is there any easy way to see which files does Proguard take into account? 🤔(similar to Merged Manifest view in Android Studio)

You can add -printconfiguration "build/outputs/mapping/configuration.txt" to your project Proguard rules. Although this would not specifically state the file’s name and path included (which would be great), it would list all the commands used, with all the places that are affected by it. Quite similar to Marged Manifest view, but without IDE support.

danysantiagocommented, Feb 11, 2020

Seems like R8 will be enabled by default in AGP 4.0.0, so you can either enabled it now so that the rules get picked up correctly or add the rule yourself: -dontwarn**.

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