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google.api.auth , ValidateAsync , no valid signature

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hello ,

im using your .net client for my backend server for token validation. in a .net standard class lib.

i use > GoogleJsonWebSignature.ValidateAsync() this code internal gives me false back.

                    verifiedOk = googleCert.VerifyHash(hash, signature, HashAlgorithmName.SHA256, RSASignaturePadding.Pkcs1);

verifyhash runs the code in Microsoft.NETCore.App\2.2.2\System.Security.Cryptography.Algorithms, Version= hope this is correct ? if the assamly is wrong , that would explain why false my result is false.

the id token wich i get, comes directly from a unity google client.

i tested the token at there is the signitur false too. but they dont have the private key. i get all correct informations at from the token. its a RSA 256 key wich is supported.

this workflow runs well at last year okt.2018. now suddendly the validation fails 😦 with no changes by my side .

thanks for help.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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jskeetcommented, Mar 19, 2019

.NET Core isn’t unsupported. Please just use the real NuGet package: Google.Apis.Auth. That supports netstandard1.3 and netstandard2.0. It’ll be much easier to help if we’re all looking at the same code. If you could provide a short but complete example demonstrating the problem, ideally as a console app, that would be even better.

jmeyerwormscommented, Jan 26, 2020

ah ok 😉 great

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