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containerizingMode = 'packaged' does not work with Spring Boot in Gradle

See original GitHub issue

Hi there!

We build our SpringBoot application with a BootJar task (which inherits from Jar) in Graddle, and the new containerizingMode = 'packaged' feature hard-codes the task name to jar:

Would it possible to have this name configurable?


jib {
	jarTaskName = 'bootJar'

(or pass the task object directly, or even explicitly the path to the jar file)

I have currently worked around that by pointing the attributes of jar to bootjar:

jar {
    enabled = false
    destinationDir = tasks.bootJar.getDestinationDir()
    archiveName = tasks.bootJar.getArchiveName()

I guess another alternative could be (not tested and I’d like not to have to rename my bootJar task):

task jar(type: BootJar) {

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  • Created 4 years ago
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TadCordlecommented, Jan 29, 2020

@maxbrunet We’ve released 2.0.0, which contains this fix!

chanseokohcommented, Nov 25, 2019

@maxbrunet so the best workaround for you should be to enable the jar task to generate a normal (non-fat) JAR. The Spring Boot reference says

By default, when the bootJar or bootWar tasks are configured, the jar or war tasks are disabled. A project can be configured to build both an executable archive and a normal archive at the same time by enabling the jar or war task.

so enabling the jar task is clearly supported by Spring Boot.

jar {
  enabled  = true

But then jar and bootJar will write their respective JAR to the same location, so you’ll need to give a classifier to either one. For example,

jar {
  enabled = true
  classifier = 'original'


jar {
  enabled = true
bootJar {
  classifier = 'boot'

Then Jib will make use of the normal JAR instead of the fat JAR. This will let you avoid duplicating dependencies packaged in the fat JAR. Also this does not require you to manually override the entrypoint to something like java -jar.

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