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Does relay.NodeField support many args more than "id" ?

See original GitHub issue

Hi, guys

In graphene/relay/ :

class NodeField(Field):
    # ...
    def id_fetcher(self, global_id, info):
        # ...
        return object_type.get_node(_id, info)

    def resolver(self, instance, args, info):
        global_id = args.get('id')
        return self.id_fetcher(global_id, info)

This define a get_node strictly, just global id could be used as arg.

There is an example about other scene:

They define a more useful interface:

film(id: ID, filmID: ID): Film
person(id: ID, personID: ID): Person
planet(id: ID, planetID: ID): Planet
species(id: ID, speciesID: ID): Species
starship(id: ID, starshipID: ID): Starship
vehicle(id: ID, vehicleID: ID): Vehicle
node(id: ID!): Node

It has a ‘XXXID’ arg in every node field. This is just what I wanted. It would be useful where a NodeField can queried by other args not just id.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ulgenscommented, Jan 3, 2020

I made something for same need:

import graphene
from graphene.relay import Node
from graphene.types.field import Field

class SlugNodeField(Field):
    def __init__(self, node, type=False, deprecation_reason=None, name=None, **kwargs):
        assert issubclass(node, Node), "NodeField can only operate in Nodes"
        self.node_type = node
        self.field_type = type

        super(SlugNodeField, self).__init__(
            type or node,
            description="The ID of the object",

class SlugNode(Node):
    def Field(cls, *args, **kwargs):  # noqa: N802
        return SlugNodeField(cls, *args, **kwargs)

    def node_resolver(cls, only_type, root, info, id=None, slug=None):
        if id and slug:
            raise ValueError("id and slug cannot be used together.")
        elif id:
            return cls.get_node_from_global_id(info, id, only_type=only_type)
        elif slug:
            model = only_type._meta.model
            return model.objects.get(slug=slug)
            raise ValueError("id or slug is required.")

In related query, it should be used as

class FilmQuery:
    film = SlugNode.Field(FilmNode)

Old interface: film(id: ID!): FilmNode New interface: film(id: ID, slug: String): FilmNode

syrusakbarycommented, Jun 1, 2016

As @mjtamlyn commented, this will be probably not implemented in graphene.relay as is not in the relay spec.

Closing this issue.

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