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Example for UnionType

See original GitHub issue

We have just been trying to use UnionType but with very little success, all throwing some error message that is hard to identify/debug.

This is a simplified example of what we have been trying, using the latest version 0.7.0:

from graphene.core.classtypes.uniontype import UnionType
from graphene import ObjectType, String, Field, Schema

class Human(ObjectType):
    some_field = String()
    other_field = String()

class Pet(ObjectType):
    yet_another_field = String()

class Thing(UnionType):
    '''Thing union description'''
    class Meta:
        types = [Human, Pet]

class Query(ObjectType):
    thing = Field(Thing)

    def resolve_thing(self, args, info):
        return Thing(some_field='test') # or Human(some_field='test')

schema = graphene.Schema(query=Query)

There are a few more variations that we have tried as well, but didn’t work. So how does a full example of using UnionType look like?

CC @imranolas

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  • Created 8 years ago
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alex-wilmercommented, Aug 1, 2016

Hi, I wasn’t able to figure this out from the docs… does it even currently address union types? Do I need to include from graphene.core.classtypes.uniontype import UnionType?

syrusakbarycommented, Feb 3, 2016

Just published a new version to PyPI with this fix and other features pip install graphene==0.7.1

Release notes:

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