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react-loadable compatibility component

See original GitHub issue

🚀 Feature Proposal

For easier migrating from react-loadable this library can offer a Loadable HoC that wraps error handling, timeout and retries automatically. This component should conform to react-loadable API so users can easily switch to this component by simply aliasing the dependencies.


To migrate our large repo we had to do a large refactoring change. We also lost automatic handling of timeouts and retry functionality. We had a global <Loading /> component that was consuming react-loadable props.


This will make adopting the component framework super easy

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

gregbergecommented, Jul 1, 2019

Maybe the complexity does not worth it. Also the API provided by React Loadable is not in the philosophy of React. For example, errors should be handled with Error Boundaries (as React.lazy), so it does not encourages good practices.

After thinking, I am not 100% against a react-loadable compat library but I will not maintain it. Feel free to create another project.

pvenegasgcommented, Jun 27, 2019

@mohsen1 Im getting the same error as @theKashey and it happens when im trying to navigate directly into a loadable route. This not happens if I navigate using the UI of my app.

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