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Issue after update to 2.52.0

See original GitHub issue

Dear Since the upgrade I’m getting the following error : System.InvalidOperationException: ‘Channel is configured with an HTTP transport doesn’t support client-side load balancing or connectivity state tracking. The underlying HTTP transport must be a SocketsHttpHandler with no SocketsHttpHandler.ConnectCallback configured. The HTTP transport must be configured on the channel using GrpcChannelOptions.HttpHandler.’

My service is hosted in IIS using gRPC.Web with client load balancing. All was working fine before the update. Here is my client code:

            var credentials = CallCredentials.FromInterceptor((c, m) =>
                m.Add("Authorization", "Bearer " + ...;
                return Task.CompletedTask;
            var clientHandler = new SocketsHttpHandler();
            clientHandler.UseProxy = false;
            clientHandler.EnableMultipleHttp2Connections = false;
            clientHandler.SslOptions = new SslClientAuthenticationOptions
                RemoteCertificateValidationCallback = ValidateServerCertificate,
            var channel = GrpcChannel.ForAddress("dns:///...", new GrpcChannelOptions
                HttpHandler = new GrpcWebHandler(new SubdirectoryHandler(clientHandler, "/...")),
                Credentials = ChannelCredentials.Create(ChannelCredentials.SecureSsl, credentials),

                //UnsafeUseInsecureChannelCallCredentials = true,
                ServiceConfig = new ServiceConfig
                    LoadBalancingConfigs = { new RoundRobinConfig() }

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

JamesNKcommented, Apr 8, 2023

2.53.0 will revert back to 2.51.0 behavior. Now a log message is written if a proxy is detected.

Use 2.51.0 until it’s available.

JasonSingletoncommented, Mar 24, 2023

Well adding below to IsProxied line 299 in GrpcChannel.cs fixes the immediate issue.

if (!socketsHttpHandler.UseProxy) { return false; }

On the proxy side are you saying it can’t work if a proxy is present? But there is no reason it can’t work (obviously will have a performance impact) but it will still load balance on the target group of servers?

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