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Model resources contribution

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Hi friends! 👋

There are a lot of cool existing resources for how to do x with x model, and we’d like to showcase and aggregate these resources on a model’s documentation. This’ll help users see how they can get started with a model for their own tasks since we know a lot of users check out the model documentation first. Take a look at a completed resource section for DistilBERT as an example.

I’ve identified the top 20 models by pageviews, and now I’d like to open it up to the community if anyone is interested in helping!

Anyone can contribute; you just need to comment and claim one of the models on this list. Contributing is super easy:

  1. Once you’ve claimed a model from the list, collect the existing resources from:
  1. Organize the resources by model tasks or applications (like inference or deployment):
  • Use the corresponding icons for each task (you can find the names for each icon here):
    <PipelineTag pipeline=”name-of-task”/>
  • For certain categories, you can just do: 🚀 Deploy, ⚡️ Inference, or ⚗️ Optimization, etc.
  • For community resources, add the 🌎 emoji at the end to indicate it’s not an official Hugging Face resource.
  • Use this DistilBERT file as a template. You can copy and paste the intro text and just replace DistilBERT with the name of the model you’re working on.
  1. Open a Pull Request with the new resources for your chosen model and ping me for a review (if you’re just getting started with contributing to an open-source project, check out @merveenoyan’s awesome GitHub Contribution Guide).

  2. Congratulations, you just merged a PR into 🤗 Transformers, and your contribution will now help anyone who is looking at the model docs! 🎉

If you have any questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to ping me! 🤗❤️

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shogohidacommented, Nov 4, 2022

Hi @stevhliu, I want to work on OpenAI GPT!

hazrulakmalcommented, Dec 3, 2022

Hi, I would like to work on XLM-RoBERTa! @stevhliu

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