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Paste HTML example is broken.

See original GitHub issue


What’s the current behavior?

The Paste HTML example doesn’t work, and neither does the code in my own project. Pasting a HTML string simply renders that string as-is into the editor.

To reproduce:

What’s the expected behavior?

Pasting HTML should convert that HTML into proper rendered markup. Pasting the above should display “Test”, which should be correctly wrapped in paragraph tags in the DOM.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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doodlewindcommented, Nov 13, 2017

@gggdomi to my knowledge, transfer.type is not under slate’s control. When your perform copy in other apps, say Notepad, Word, PhotoShop…selected content is loaded into clipboard with its transfer.type. Different upstream marks different types of contents. Copying in Notepad results in 'text' type, in Word and browsers you get 'html', in Finder you get 'file'.

By default slate handles 'html' as plain text, the “Paste HTML” example only demonstrates its capability to convert 'html' type into slate’s value with relatively little effort. In the case of plain HTML string, a common case may be copying HTML code from text editor like vim, sublime, etc. Do you expect the HTML code block parsed into rich text?

IMHO you can implement this behavior by parsing HTML string into DOM nodes, putting them into slate-html-serializer, then calling change.insertFragment and it should work. While I’m not sure this behavior is necessary for this common example.

wildlifehexagoncommented, Jun 28, 2018

I was also confused by this example. I thought that we could paste HTML content (i.e. <p>hello</p>) into the editor and it would automatically convert to the rendered markup. I now realize that it works by copying the rendered content directly into the editor rather than copying over HTML syntax.

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