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Feature Request: async cache-busting

See original GitHub issue


The ability to empty <Select.Async/>'s cache.

Use Case

We have a fairly search endpoint with parent-child data, where we only want to reveal the child data when the parent value is already “enabled” somewhere.

Example: there is a location ‘New York’ in USA and ‘York’ in the UK. When supplying ‘York’ to our search API, it will return nothing if neither USA or UK are enabled, [New York] when USA is enabled, and [New York, York] when both USA and UK are enabled.

The problem is that because the search string is the same, the smart cache prevents the new request from being made.

Proposed Interface(s)

1. Second argument to loadOptions()

Something like invalidateCache: boolean. Pretty straightforward. For future proofing, maybe an options object would be good as well.

2. Allow refs to provide access to an instance method invalidateCache()

Would instantly empty the cache. This method provides the most flexibility but is also a bit messy and imperative. A similar approach is used in react-virtualized forceUpdateGrid().

<Select.Async ref={node => this.Async = node}/>

// when desired

It’s a pretty trivial feature to implement, so depending on how acceptable the proposed interfaces are, I can send a PR asap. Thanks! 😃

(Question re: v2 – are releases for v1 still planned / PRs for v1 still accepted?)

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:6 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

oudouljcommented, Jul 1, 2019

I use v3.0.4 and I’m struggling with some kind of funky behavior probably due to the cache. I have cacheOptions={false} in an async select being populated through fetch/promise calls but it does not seem to be doing what its name says. The console.log shows the correct data at each call but the list is populated with partly wrong data 😕 Any update on either a fix or a workaround on this matter ? Thanks!

timhwang21commented, Jul 26, 2018

This issue is resolved for me, so closing this. Thanks all!

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