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ValueContainer loose click event after isDisabled state

See original GitHub issue

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A bug.


An isDisabled property is dynamically set then deactivated on a bare select.
After it being deactivated, the value container (ValueContainer) can’t receive any click events, or at least does not have any effect anymore (opening menu, etc), while the dropdown indicator still can…
Focusing out of the select, then clicking again works as expected.




react-select@latest as well as 4.x

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  • Created 2 years ago
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  • Comments:9

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

aesycommented, Sep 2, 2022

I’d love to see #5246 merged. I tried it and it works as advertised!

Edit: Since the PR isn’t getting much attention: if keeping focus isn’t important then you can add the blurInputOnSelect boolean property as a workaround.

Rall3ncommented, Mar 15, 2022

This is a problem of how browsers handle to-be-disabled elements differently.

I ran the provided CodeSandbox example in both a current Chromium browser and Firefox. I have added an interval which logs the currently focused element (document.activeElement) to the console. I also added handlers for onFocus and onBlur to check if any occurred

When testing the example in Firefox, I could observe that it keeps the <input> element as the active element when the component gets disabled, but it does not fire a blur event in process. The Chromium browser does not fire a blur event either, but it does not keep the <input> element as the active element (instead it moves focus to <body>). Also Firefox does not fire a focus event when re-enabling the component.

This difference is why it does not work with Firefox, but with every other browser instead. Possible fix would be to do the same we do for programmatically disabling but in reverse.

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