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interop with

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Thanks for django-oidc-provider, it is amazing.

I’m trying to use it with lua-resty-openidc which performs the following requests

GET /authorize?scope=code%20id_token&client_id=471746&state=4211b60d068bc9419178f40bae27f242&nonce=f43023951b2f2f0d0115f1358d755a33&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%2Foauth2%2Fcallback&response_type=code

POST /token code=fdd5ff7ce2b14b42a5f1c2c063bb3b9a&client_id=471746&state=7c3ce94c606700d4fda65d9ae6dc806d&grant_type=authorization_code&redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%2Foauth2%2Fcallback&client_secret=06e53969f87da66e0a8c1f4d85346ba6efdb1927636c09d35d322e08

django-oidc-provider returns an empty {} id_token because is_authentication is False.

But, lua-resty-openidc expects a non-empty id_token with at minimum the issuer.

{"access_token": "ccd4b37ecd8745ab807017973089a08b", "token_type": "bearer", "expires_in": 3600, "refresh_token": "869fcc0c945b41e397dbd7c0bef2dcb0", "id_token": "eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsImtpZCI6IjRkOGE1ODI0NWNjZWNjNGQxNjgyOGU1MGI3N2VkMzBmIn0.e30.0zSwT08G-0Lbx8u-qpMH5soRl5mJAuoOipAJeDKg5Mnn4d6PscIcCyaDZqR0H3gpE-ZD0ALjIPsWtdoxscb4hH4sgmXusyLudlzeEggBjIyHIa-H9oBzt6znLP4AJzv3XwecOTJ3hrNiwKbulFFH0PnSsH9WyKgHn3BwamZU3LE"}

Solution so far is just to patch is_authentication or True. Am I missing something by not requesting the right token earlier from lua-resty-openidc?

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juanifiorencommented, Nov 9, 2016

scope is for for openid or oauth2 claims (openid, profile, email, address, etc). response_type is to define the flow. Values are:

  • code: Authorization Code Flow
  • id_token: id_token (Implicit Flow)
  • id_token token: id_token token (Implicit Flow)
  • code token: code token (Hybrid Flow)
  • code id_token: code id_token (Hybrid Flow)
  • code id_token token: code id_token token (Hybrid Flow)

So in your case your request should be:

dholthcommented, Nov 9, 2016

It works, in ‘code’ mode (set in both RP and OP), with the mentioned scope.

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