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ResizeObserver loop completed with undelivered notifications

See original GitHub issue

Describe the bug We keep seeing thousands of these logs in our sentry bug tracker. It occurs in the window.onerror event listener:

ResizeObserver loop completed with undelivered notifications

Frameworks/Libraries used React 16.9.0

I’m using it in a hook useResizeObserver.ts:

 * Inspired by ZeeCoder/use-resize-observer (MIT licensed).
 * @see
 * @see

import { useEffect, useState, useRef, useMemo, RefObject } from 'react'
import { ResizeObserver } from '@juggle/resize-observer'

interface IUseResizeObserverProps<T> {
  ref?: ((instance: T | null) => void) | RefObject<HTMLDivElement> | null | undefined,
  onResize?: (size: { width: number, height: number }) => void

export interface ISize {
  width?: number,
  height?: number

const useResizeObserver = <T>({ ref, onResize }: IUseResizeObserverProps<T> = {}) => {
  // `defaultRef` Has to be non-conditionally declared here whether or not it'll
  // be used as that's how hooks work.
  // @see
  const defaultRef = useRef(null)
  ref = ref || defaultRef

  const [size, setSize] = useState<ISize>({
    width: undefined,
    height: undefined

  // Using a ref to track the previous width / height to avoid unnecessary renders
  const previous = useRef<ISize>({
    width: undefined,
    height: undefined

  useEffect(() => {
    if (
      typeof ref !== 'object' ||
      ref === null ||
      !(ref.current instanceof Element)
    ) {

    const element = ref.current

    const resizeObserver = new ResizeObserver(entries => {
      if (!Array.isArray(entries)) {

      // Since we only observe the one element, we don't need to loop over the array
      if (!entries.length) {

      const entry = entries[0]

      // `Math.round` is in line with how CSS resolves sub-pixel values
      const newWidth = Math.round(entry.contentRect.width)
      const newHeight = Math.round(entry.contentRect.height)

      if (
        previous.current.width !== newWidth ||
        previous.current.height !== newHeight
      ) {
        const newSize = { width: newWidth, height: newHeight }
        if (onResize) {
        } else {
          previous.current.width = newWidth
          previous.current.height = newHeight



    return () => {
  }, [ref, onResize])

  return useMemo(() => ({ ref, ...size }), [ref, size])

export default useResizeObserver

Smartphone (please complete the following information): E.g. one case

  • Device: iPhone
  • OS: iOS 13.4
  • Browser: Chrome Mobile iOS
  • Version: 80.0.3987

(But we also see this on Android, Windows, Linux, iOS safari)

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:12 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

TremayneChristcommented, Apr 7, 2020

Hi @tommedema this in an inbuilt feature to prevent infinite resize loops that will chrash the browser

This happens when an observed element is resized again during a notification. This can easily happen when scrollbars appear, for example.

TremayneChristcommented, Apr 7, 2020

No, it’s designed to be dispatched this way. You are receiving the error, because there is a genuine error - a resize loop.

I’m not sure what your size hook is doing, but, I see you are rounding values and then setting the rounded value back. If this is in the same loop as the resize notification, it will cause another resize on the element, because 254.4 !== 254.

Why do you need to round values?

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