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Info: Can I globally swap out $.animate() with $.velocity()?

See original GitHub issue

I was messing around with swapping out the animate function entirely to see if I could utilize velocity without having to alter third-party scripts (in this case a Wordpress theme). Is this something that is supported and/or recommended?

I put the following after both jQuery and velocity are included:

jQuery.fn.animate = jQuery.velocity.animate;

Any tips or ideas appreciated. Thanks for the work on this great plugin!

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  • Created 9 years ago
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julianshapirocommented, Apr 30, 2014

Once Velocity has loaded, you would include this:

jQuery.fn.animate = jQuery.fn.velocity;

The reason Velocity doesn’t overwrite $.animate() automatically is because it’s considered bad practice to overwrite third-party API’s since you can never guarantee 100% API compatibility, and I do not claim to do so with Velocity.

I wouldn’t want to go on record as recommending you do it, but by all means you can try it 😃

julianshapirocommented, May 1, 2014

Thanks a bunch for reporting back, Jason. This is really helpful for others.

The implementations of “stop” are also different in jQuery and Velocity:

Indeed, there’s a reason Velocity compresses to 7kb and jQuery compresses to 33kb. jQuery is a swiss-army knife, and that’s its power.

Stay tuned for the removal of the jQuery dependency thanks to @nmussy.

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