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Promises hang on empty selection result

See original GitHub issue

var promise = $.Velocity.animate($('.something-not-exist'), { duration: 100 });

I’m expecting the returned promise to be completed with either a success or a rejection, but it ends up being pending forever.

Personally, I prefer the promise to be resolved immediately in this case.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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Rycochetcommented, May 5, 2016

Promises should always resolve one way or another - my personal view is that this should succeed as we don’t know if being passed an empty NodeList is deliberate or not - possibly add an option to rejectEmptyPromise or similar though?

lobenichoucommented, Nov 22, 2016

@Rycochet Sure, no problem. I copy-pasted last minute before leaving work. It’s basically the same code you have in your documentation.

var mySequence = [
    { e: $element1, p: { translateX: 100 }, o: { duration: 1000 } },
    { e: $element2, p: { translateX: 200 }, o: { duration: 1000 } },
    { e: $element3, p: { translateX: 300 }, o: { duration: 1000 } }

And I am 100% sure that it stops after $element2 because it return an empty NodeList. When I have more time today, I will put together a JSFiddle together.

Thank you for your quick response.

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