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V2 Public Release Update

See original GitHub issue

So things are rather hectic right now, and I was hoping to get V2 out of beta by the beginning of March - but it’s having to get pushed back a couple of days / weeks.

We have a rough roadmap of what needs to be done for the next couple of minor versions (that pesky second digit), but actually need to sit down and work out some exact requirements.

Right now V2.1.0 (the first non-beta) is being held up largely by me and the sequence rewrite. The future sequence code will look very similar to CSS animations - for instance the old "callout.bounce" effect now looks like this:

"bounce": {
	"duration": 1000,
	"0%,20%,53%,80%,100%": {
		transform: ["translate3d(0,0,0)", "easeOutCubic"]
	"40%,43%": {
		transform: ["translate3d(0,-30px,0)", "easeInQuint"]
	"70%": {
		transform: ["translate3d(0,-15px,0)", "easeInQuint"]
	"90%": {
		transform: "translate3d(0,-4px,0)"

When addressing multiple elements that need different animations, the value would be an array instead of an object - with them cycling through the elements (so the element would get the index % array.length’nth animation).

The duration listed (and any "easing" if there too) are defaults that can be overridden when calling the animation.

Finally - you’ll be able to pre-register the animation with a name for later use, or pass the animation directly (with a few caveats that are still being decided) - so you can manually design things without polluting the namespace.

Calling the animations is still to be decided, but I’m likely to have "callout.bounce" to have it reset any values when finished and "transition.bounce" would leave them at the end values, together with "runSequence.bounce" that would effectively mean the same as "transition". For all of them the name of the animation can be after a dot, or as a separate argument following it (it’s one of many standards we’re trying to lock down in V2).

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Rycochetcommented, Jul 30, 2018

Just a quick note to say this isn’t forgotten, I’m just stupidly busy again - there are some bugfixes ready to push from me, but because they’re cherrypicked files from a larger set of changes there’s no builds for them, so I’m not pushing until it’s ready. The changes are more to do with tests and documentation, rather than actual code - but still more time than I have to split them out properly.

Rycochetcommented, May 3, 2018

Just thought I should put an update on here. I’m seriously busy with normal work and social activities (I run various things etc), so I don’t have enough time to do what I need to for polishing the release.


Currently I’m trying to fight packaging bugs and inconsistencies caused by swapping to RollupJS (I may have to just go back to Webpack, which isn’t ideal for use-cases). The code itself is almost all correct, with just the UI-Pack data needing to be split back into its own file (currently it’s part of the main build, and velocity-ui.js is actually not doing anything at all except complaining).

The code itself looks like it’s about right except for any bugs that I might be able to squash (check the rollup branch, as there are fixes on there). If anyone wants to have a look at getting it to work then feel free 😃

Sequences are now completely done, as above, but no prefix needed or wanted (they may come later).

As soon as building is done we’ll be good for packaging, and then it simply needs the docs merged and updated (from the wiki) and public non-beta version released… Hopefully within a couple of weeks (I had hoped for the start of this month, but I’m away for the next couple of days again, and don’t have enough time…)

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