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$('*').mark matches within a url in the <noscript> section

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Bug or feature? I’m new to this, but I was hoping that I could use $('*').mark("firefox") to mark all visible instances of “firefox” on the page. But I also found <mark> tags in a url in the <noscript> part of the page like:

<noscript><meta content="0;url=/search?q=<mark data-markjs="true">firefox</mark>&amp;client=<mark data-markjs="true">firefox</mark>-b&amp;gbv=1&amp;sei=taFDW8vrBYL4kwWx9bLIDA" http-equiv="refresh"><style>table,div,span,p{display:none}</style><div style="display:block"><a href="/search?q=<mark data-markjs="true">firefox</mark>&amp;client=<mark data-markjs="true">firefox</mark>-b&amp;gbv=1&amp;sei=taFDW8vrBYL4kwWx9bLIDA">Klicke hier</a>, wenn du nach einigen Sekunden nicht automatisch weitergeleitet wirst.</div></noscript>

which looks like a bug because tag in tag is syntactically wrong, but maybe $(‘*’) is to broad for mark.js? Anyway, it is in my way because I want to scroll the page to the first <mark> element, and that apparently gets stuck at the invisible <noscript> section at the very top with <mark> tags in it.

Steps to reproduce

See the next section. I can give more details if this really is a bug and not a feature. With my add-on installed, it would be: Search “firefox” in Google. Invoke mark.js by clicking the newly created bookmarklet “firefox” and search for “mark” with the web developers inspector tool.


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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

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beccarecommented, Jul 10, 2018

As it turns out, I actually did read the contribution guidelines before submitting, and they say: fiddle “if possible” and nothing about “required” Otherwise I would not have had the time to submit the issue. Now, I would have set up the fiddle eventually along more friendly a communication - but this here is not worth it. I’m able to work around that issue without bothering you any more with my humble observations. So let’s just leave it closed.

julmotcommented, Jul 11, 2018

@Mottie It should be the same for body, as even then existing <mark> tags will be included. However, this is a feature not a bug, to allow you to highlight multiple terms with different classes in the same context. Nevertheless, ignoring can be done with the exclude option or the filter callback.

The issue that @beccare has with $('*') is that he actually calls mark.js with the noscript tag as context. And mark.js wont filter the actual context, just the children of the context. So it’s a bug of the way @beccare is using mark.js.

So, your solution is correct anyway 😃

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