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Anti-slash not properly handled

See original GitHub issue

Steps to reproduce.

When trying to apply markjs to the following text:\, the anti slash will prevent marking to work properly.

mark.mark("\\", { "separateWordSearch": false, "accuracy": "complementary", "ignoreJoiners": true });

Trying to add the (escaped) anti-slash as a synonym will not help:

mark.mark("\\", { "separateWordSearch": false, "accuracy": "complementary", "ignoreJoiners": true, "synonyms": { "\\": " " } });

Worse, when I add other synonyms (depending on how many and which), it will throw an exception:

mark.mark("\\", { "separateWordSearch": false, "accuracy": "complementary", "ignoreJoiners": true, "synonyms": { "-": " ", ".": " ", "+": " ", "\\": " " } });
mark.js:555 Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /()([^\s!"#\$%&'\(\)\*\+,\-\.\/:;<=>\?@\[\\\]\^_`\{\|\}~¡¿]*w[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*w[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*w[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*(\\|[\s]+)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*([\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*(\\|[\s]+)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*.|[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*([\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*(\\|[\s]+)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*+|[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*(\\|[\s]+)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*h[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*[aàáảãạăằắẳẵặâầấẩẫậäåāąAÀÁẢÃẠĂẰẮẲẴẶÂẦẤẨẪẬÄÅĀĄ][\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*p[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*p[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*[yýỳỷỹỵÿYÝỲỶỸỴŸ][\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*(\\|[\s]+)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*([\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*(\\|[\s]+)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*.|[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*([\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*(\\|[\s]+)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*+|[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*(\\|[\s]+)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*[cçćčCÇĆČ][\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*[oòóỏõọôồốổỗộơởỡớờợöøōOÒÓỎÕỌÔỒỐỔỖỘƠỞỠỚỜỢÖØŌ][\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*m[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*(\\|[\s]+)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*(\\|[\s]+)[\u00ad\u200b\u200c\u200d]*[^\s!"#\$%&'\(\)\*\+,\-\.\/:;<=>\?@\[\\\]\^_`\{\|\}~¡¿]*)/: Nothing to repeat
    at new RegExp (<anonymous>)
    at handler (mark.js:555)
    at Mark.mark (mark.js:582)
    at window.Mark.mark (mark.js:1022)

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:12 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Mottiecommented, Jan 11, 2018

I did some investigation. It looks like we need to doubly escape special regular expression characters.

That’s why only the . was replaced in the test\.com string to produce test\(\.|p)com.

I’ve fixed the problem and will add a PR.

I also wanted to discuss the messiness of the regular expression when there is more than one synonym; but I’ll open a new issue for that.

julmotcommented, Jan 11, 2018

I’ve just released v8.11.1 with @Mottie’s patch for this issue. Thanks for your help @Mottie and thanks for reporting @mayerwin!

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