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Install pytorch commit fd25a2a

See original GitHub issue

I was running evaluation on cityscape and did not find args.test_scale anywhere. Its not mentioned in aswell.


if len(args.test_scale) == 1:
AttributeError: 'Namespace' object has no attribute 'test_scale'

Running this from terminal: CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 python3.6 --dataset cityscapes --model danet --resume-dir cityscapes/model --crop-size 768 --workers 1 --backbone resnet101 --multi-grid --multi-dilation 4 8 16 --eval

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huanghoujingcommented, Sep 28, 2018

There are some environment variables in to set for customizing your CUDA, cudnn, NCCL paths. Thanks to God, it is in Python logic. The example in my case:

  1. Install CUDA 8.0 and cudnn 7
  2. Install Anaconda 3
  3. Install Pytorch from source
# Install certain version of pytorch from source


pip uninstall -y torch

# Install basic dependencies
conda install --yes numpy pyyaml mkl mkl-include setuptools cmake cffi typing
conda install --yes -c mingfeima mkldnn
# Add LAPACK support for the GPU
conda install --yes -c pytorch magma-cuda80 # or magma-cuda90 if CUDA 9

cd ${HOME}/Software
git clone --recursive
cd pytorch
git checkout fd25a2a
git submodule init # There may be submodules no longer existing in new commits
git submodule update --recursive

rm -rf build
rm -rf torch.egg-info
export CUDA_HOME=/mnt/data-1/data/houjing.huang/Software/cuda-8.0
export NCCL_LIB_DIR=${CUDA_HOME}/lib64
export NCCL_INCLUDE_DIR=${CUDA_HOME}/include
export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="$(dirname $(which conda))/../" # [anaconda root directory]

python install 2>&1 | tee ${INSTALL_PYTORCH_SCRIPT_DIR}/install_pytorch.log
python 2>&1 | tee test_pytorch_data_parallel.log
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
from torch.nn.parallel import DataParallel

model = nn.Linear(10, 20).cuda()
x = torch.ones(100, 10).float().cuda()
model_w = DataParallel(model, device_ids=[0,1,2,3])
x = model_w(x)
# x = model(x)
emma-sjwangcommented, May 13, 2019

@wmj1238 Actually, after I successfully installed pytorch@fd25a2a, I did not find that I need this ‘nervanagpu’ third_party. Meybe you forget to change to the correct pytorch version by:

git checkout fd25a2a
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