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qtconsole unable to load PyQt5

See original GitHub issue

I installed qtconsole using conda.

conda install jupyter qtconsole

Then when I run qtconsole I get:

Icohedron@DESKTOP-80FCK21:~$ jupyter qtconsole
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/Icohedron/.local/bin/jupyter-qtconsole", line 7, in <module>
    from qtconsole.qtconsoleapp import main
  File "/home/Icohedron/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/qtconsole/", line 60, in <module>
    from qtconsole.qt import QtCore, QtGui
  File "/home/Icohedron/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/qtconsole/", line 23, in <module>
    QtCore, QtGui, QtSvg, QT_API = load_qt(api_opts)
  File "/home/Icohedron/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/qtconsole/", line 386, in load_qt
    Could not load requested Qt binding. Please ensure that
    PyQt4 >= 4.7, PyQt5, PySide >= 1.0.3 or PySide2 is available,
    and only one is imported per session.

    Currently-imported Qt library:   None
    PyQt4 installed:                 False
    PyQt5 installed:                 False
    PySide >= 1.0.3 installed:       False
    PySide2 installed:               False
    Tried to load:                   ['pyqt5', 'pyside2', 'pyside', 'pyqt']

I then tried to load QtCore from PyQt5 in a Python shell, then QtCore from qtconsole.qt and I got:

Icohedron@DESKTOP-80FCK21:~$ ipython
Python 3.5.2 (default, Nov 23 2017, 16:37:01)
Type 'copyright', 'credits' or 'license' for more information
IPython 6.2.1 -- An enhanced Interactive Python. Type '?' for help.

In [1]: from PyQt5 import QtCore

In [2]: from qtconsole.qt import QtCore
ImportError                               Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-2-9132f866eeaa> in <module>()
----> 1 from qtconsole.qt import QtCore

~/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/qtconsole/ in <module>()
     21     api_opts = [QT_API]
---> 23 QtCore, QtGui, QtSvg, QT_API = load_qt(api_opts)

~/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/qtconsole/ in load_qt(api_options)
    384            has_binding(QT_API_PYSIDE),
    385            has_binding(QT_API_PYSIDE2),
--> 386            api_options))
    388 def load_qtest():

    Could not load requested Qt binding. Please ensure that
    PyQt4 >= 4.7, PyQt5, PySide >= 1.0.3 or PySide2 is available,
    and only one is imported per session.

    Currently-imported Qt library:   'pyqt5'
    PyQt4 installed:                 False
    PyQt5 installed:                 False
    PySide >= 1.0.3 installed:       False
    PySide2 installed:               False
    Tried to load:                   ['pyqt5']

List of packages from conda:

# packages in environment at /home/Icohedron/miniconda3:
# Name                    Version                   Build  Channel
asn1crypto                0.24.0                   py37_0  
backcall                  0.1.0                    py37_0  
blas                      1.0                         mkl  
bleach                    3.0.0                    py37_0  
ca-certificates           2018.03.07                    0  
certifi                   2018.8.24                py37_1  
cffi                      1.11.5           py37he75722e_1  
chardet                   3.0.4                    py37_1  
conda                     4.5.11                   py37_0  
conda-env                 2.6.0                         1  
cryptography              2.3.1            py37hc365091_0  
cycler                    0.10.0                   py37_0  
dbus                      1.13.2               h714fa37_1  
decorator                 4.3.0                    py37_0  
entrypoints               0.2.3                    py37_2  
expat                     2.2.6                he6710b0_0  
fastcache                 1.0.2            py37h14c3975_2  
fontconfig                2.13.0               h9420a91_0  
freetype                  2.9.1                h8a8886c_1  
glib                      2.56.2               hd408876_0  
gmp                       6.1.2                h6c8ec71_1  
gmpy2                     2.0.8            py37h10f8cd9_2  
gst-plugins-base          1.14.0               hbbd80ab_1  
gstreamer                 1.14.0               hb453b48_1  
icu                       58.2                 h9c2bf20_1  
idna                      2.7                      py37_0  
intel-openmp              2019.0                      118  
ipykernel                 5.0.0            py37h39e3cac_0  
ipython                   7.0.1            py37h39e3cac_0  
ipython_genutils          0.2.0                    py37_0  
ipywidgets                7.4.2                    py37_0  
jedi                      0.13.1                   py37_0  
jinja2                    2.10                     py37_0  
jpeg                      9b                   h024ee3a_2  
jsonschema                2.6.0                    py37_0  
jupyter                   1.0.0                    py37_7  
jupyter_client            5.2.3                    py37_0  
jupyter_console           6.0.0                    py37_0  
jupyter_core              4.4.0                    py37_0  
kiwisolver                1.0.1            py37hf484d3e_0  
libedit                   3.1.20170329         h6b74fdf_2  
libffi                    3.2.1                hd88cf55_4  
libgcc-ng                 8.2.0                hdf63c60_1  
libgfortran-ng            7.3.0                hdf63c60_0  
libpng                    1.6.34               hb9fc6fc_0  
libsodium                 1.0.16               h1bed415_0  
libstdcxx-ng              8.2.0                hdf63c60_1  
libuuid                   1.0.3                h1bed415_2  
libxcb                    1.13                 h1bed415_1  
libxml2                   2.9.8                h26e45fe_1  
markupsafe                1.0              py37h14c3975_1  
matplotlib                3.0.0            py37h5429711_0  
mistune                   0.8.3            py37h14c3975_1  
mkl                       2019.0                      118  
mkl_fft                   1.0.6            py37h7dd41cf_0  
mkl_random                1.0.1            py37h4414c95_1  
mpc                       1.1.0                h10f8cd9_1  
mpfr                      4.0.1                hdf1c602_3  
mpmath                    1.0.0                    py37_2  
nbconvert                 5.3.1                    py37_0  
nbformat                  4.4.0                    py37_0  
ncurses                   6.1                  hf484d3e_0  
notebook                  5.7.0                    py37_0  
numpy                     1.15.2           py37h1d66e8a_1  
numpy-base                1.15.2           py37h81de0dd_1  
openssl                   1.0.2p               h14c3975_0  
pandoc                                 0  
pandocfilters             1.4.2                    py37_1  
parso                     0.3.1                    py37_0  
pcre                      8.42                 h439df22_0  
pexpect                   4.6.0                    py37_0  
pickleshare               0.7.5                    py37_0  
pip                       10.0.1                   py37_0  
prometheus_client         0.4.0                    py37_0  
prompt_toolkit            2.0.5                    py37_0  
ptyprocess                0.6.0                    py37_0  
pycosat                   0.6.3            py37h14c3975_0  
pycparser                 2.18                     py37_1  
pygments                  2.2.0                    py37_0  
pyopenssl                 18.0.0                   py37_0  
pyparsing                 2.2.2                    py37_0  
pyqt                      5.9.2            py37h05f1152_2  
pysocks                   1.6.8                    py37_0  
python                    3.7.0                hc3d631a_0  
python-dateutil           2.7.3                    py37_0  
pytz                      2018.5                   py37_0  
pyzmq                     17.1.2           py37h14c3975_0  
qt                        5.9.6                h8703b6f_2  
qtconsole                 4.4.1                    py37_0  
readline                  7.0                  h7b6447c_5  
requests                  2.19.1                   py37_0  
ruamel_yaml               0.15.46          py37h14c3975_0  
send2trash                1.5.0                    py37_0  
setuptools                40.2.0                   py37_0  
simplegeneric             0.8.1                    py37_2  
sip                       4.19.8           py37hf484d3e_0  
six                       1.11.0                   py37_1  
sqlite                    3.24.0               h84994c4_0  
sympy                     1.3                      py37_0  
terminado                 0.8.1                    py37_1  
testpath                  0.4.2                    py37_0  
tk                        8.6.8                hbc83047_0  
tornado                   5.1.1            py37h7b6447c_0  
traitlets                 4.3.2                    py37_0  
urllib3                   1.23                     py37_0  
wcwidth                   0.1.7                    py37_0  
webencodings              0.5.1                    py37_1  
wheel                     0.31.1                   py37_0  
widgetsnbextension        3.4.2                    py37_0  
xz                        5.2.4                h14c3975_4  
yaml                      0.1.7                had09818_2  
zeromq                    4.2.5                hf484d3e_1  
zlib                      1.2.11               ha838bed_2  

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Icohedroncommented, Oct 12, 2018

I discovered the issue. Bash was running the qtconsole installed through pip in my vanilla (non-conda) python. Despite having export PATH="/home/Icohedron/miniconda3/bin:$PATH" in my bashrc, jupyter qtconsole still ran from /home/Icohedron/.local/bin and as such did not find PyQt5 installed from conda. I “fixed” this issue by uninstalling qtconsole from my non-conda pip.

Icohedroncommented, Oct 11, 2018

@2DSharp pyqt is already installed (it automatically installed it with qtconsole as a dependency) and so it doesn’t do anything.

Icohedron@DESKTOP-80FCK21:~$ conda install pyqt
Solving environment: done

# All requested packages already installed.
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