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Add converters for tabular data

See original GitHub issue

@ellisonbg mentioned that it would be good to support some default tabular data formats, to convert between them.

For each of these, we should define a data type, and define converters between them. Then we should make sure they work on some test datasets.

Some pipelines that should work after this:

  1. Open CSV files with nteract data viewer, by first converting to JSON table schema
  2. View pandas dataframe output in datagrid, by going from JSON table schema to datagrid model
  3. If we create a Vega Lite spec that refers to a dataset by url like file:///notebooks/Table.ipynb#/cells/4/outputs/0/data/application/vnd.dataresource+json, then this should use the pandas output from that cell in the notebook as an input to the vega spec. Depends on

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  • Created 4 years ago
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saulshanabrookcommented, Feb 2, 2020

@Nestak2 You have to set pandas.set_option('display.html.table_schema', True) so that it outputs the JSON, like in this examples.

westurnercommented, Mar 20, 2020


  • tablib supports a bunch of formats: ‘cli, csv, dbf, df (DataFrame), html, jira, json, latex, ods, rst, tsv, xls, xlsx, yaml’
  • Tabulate does [HTML, LaTeX, *] tables from lists of lists, lists of dicts, etc. (without pandas) . Hoping for these to land in a release soon:
  • odo (2018) does conversion between very many formats:

    Odo migrates data using network of small data conversion functions between type pairs. That network is below: odo conversions

    Each node is a container type (like pandas.DataFrame or sqlalchemy.Table) and each directed edge is a function that transforms or appends one container into or onto another. We annotate these functions/edges with relative costs.

    This network approach allows odo to select the shortest path between any two types (thank you networkx). For performance reasons these functions often leverage non-Pythonic systems like NumPy arrays or native CSV->SQL loading functions. Odo is not dependent on only Python iterators.

  • Ibis
    • Impala, BigQuery, HDFS, Spark, SQLAlchemy, Pandas
  • blazingsql is really fast. It reads into the GPU from CSV, TSV, JSON, Apache Parquet, Apache ORC, Apache Hive, GDF (GPU Dataframe), S3, GCS, Apache HDFS:

    BlazingSQL is a GPU accelerated SQL engine built on top of the RAPIDS ecosystem. RAPIDS is based on the Apache Arrow columnar memory format, and cuDF is a GPU DataFrame library for loading, joining, aggregating, filtering, and otherwise manipulating data.

    BlazingSQL is a SQL interface for cuDF, with various features to support large scale data science workflows and enterprise datasets.

  • notes re: “A dataframe protocol for the PyData ecosystem”

CSVW would be ideal for tabular data (with Linked Data metadata about the dataset and each column). More about this here: “Linked Data formats, tools, challenges, opportunities; CSVW,,”

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