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Rasa NLU response parsing error

See original GitHub issue


When trying to integrate RASA NLU, an exception is thrown when the NLU training set contains entities that are resolved.

(From the console): jaicf.activator.rasa.api.RasaApi - Cannot parse RasaParseMessageRequest(text=…, messageId=30eed22e-e5e8-4960-a979-6485d5295f45) kotlinx.serialization.MissingFieldException: Field ‘confidence’ is required, but it was missing

From RASA output (using rasa train shell), we see a structure like this:

      "entity": "frequency",
      "start": 9,
      "end": 18,
      "confidence_entity": 0.9578643441200256,
      "value": "7",
      "extractor": "DIETClassifier",
      "processors": [

But the mapping in RasaParseMessageResponse.kt contains:

data class Entity(
    val start: Int,
    val end: Int,
    val confidence: Float,
    val value: String,
    val entity: String

Maybe the confidence field should be renamed ‘confidence_entity’ to map correctly the output?

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

nikvoloshincommented, Apr 22, 2022

We’ll definitely look into it when it’s released and when we are ready to move on the next major Kotlin release.

As for now, we will release 1.2.4 version with the fix in a few days.


nikvoloshincommented, Apr 22, 2022

We’ve added default nulls to all nullable properties. Now Rasa model classes should fully conform official API Spec. To deal with custom classifier’s fields we’ve added additional property rawResponse to RasaActivatorContext in JAICF 1.2.3 release. So now you should be able to access all of the custom fields from response through RasaActivatorContext#rawResponse property and Kotlin extension properties can help to build a fluent API, hiding all underlying JSON manipulations. You can find sample test here

So with such a fix I think using different classifiers won’t be a big problem, will it?

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