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See original GitHub issue

CUDA 9.2 - I know this works with my OpenCV setup and with opencv4nodejs OpenBlas installed via sudo apt-get install libopenblas-dev face-recognition installed just via npm install - I couldn’t get custom dlib to work. The module installs fine as far as I can tell - it even mentions CUDA in the install and all seems ok!

My code works ok on my Macbook, although a little slow - I wanted to try it on my Ubuntu box with CUDA enabled GPUs

This is the error I get:

**************************** FATAL ERROR DETECTED ****************************

Error detected at line 120.
Error detected in file /home/analytics/code/cv-analytics-ws/node_modules/dlib-build/dlib/dlib/dlib/dnn/gpu_data.h.
Error detected in function float* dlib::gpu_data::device().

Failing expression was false.


This is what I am doing:

const image = fr.cvImageToImageRGB(new fr.CvImage(cv.imread(tmpName).resizeToMax(1000)))

const detector = fr.FaceDetector();
const recognizer = fr.FaceRecognizer();
const targetSize = 150;
const faces = detector.detectFaces(image, targetSize) // this is what causes the error to happen

Any help would be great!

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  • Created 5 years ago
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justadudewhohackscommented, Oct 26, 2018

I think @legraphista was facing a similar issue. Also probably “DLIB_USE_CUDA” has to be defined in the define section of the gyp file.

Unfortunately I can’t test CUDA related stuff, so I am not sure how to properly compile this package with cuda.

justadudewhohackscommented, Oct 26, 2018

You can declare preprocessor directives in the “defines” section. You probably compiled dlib with cuda, but the DLIB_USE_CUDA was missing, thus in some dlib header file included by face-recognition.js some code wrapped in #ifdef DLIB_USE_CUDA ... did not get compiled into the package, leading to a runtime error.

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