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Compiled version uses ES6 syntax (=>)

See original GitHub issue

Thanks for a nice lib!

Seems like the babel transpilation step is not working correctly, should there really be “=>” in the output file?


const Cached = exports.Cached = mixin => wrap(mixin, superclass => {

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justinfagnanicommented, Jul 19, 2017

That’s fine I suppose, but the ES5 version won’t work with ES6 superclasses, so I don’t really see the point. ES5 can’t emulate super(), so as soon as you apply a mixin to an ES6 class, you’ll get an error.

At this point libraries, especially ones that use ES6 features, should just distribute ES6 and let applications compile down to something else if needed. All browsers and Node support ES6 now.

justinfagnanicommented, Jan 22, 2018

Like I’ve tried to point out before, a compiled version of this library simply does not work with classes. I really don’t think it’s work distributing a broken version of the library.

I’m not in any way suggesting that IE11 support isn’t important, but figuring out what language features need to be compiled out is really the job of the application that knows what language features are supported by target platforms. Running dependencies through babel-preset-env is a great way for an app to only compile out what’s necessary, and it ensures that if you’re compiling out classes in mixwith, you’re also compiling out classes anywhere it might be applied, so that the whole app continues to work.

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