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Performance issues when dealing with many shared-elements

See original GitHub issue

So, as promised, here’s my issue:

When there are ‘long’ transitions from v-shared-element, the SharedElementRouteGuard inside the router will prevent the route change until the transitions are done.
But not only that, there’s also a noticeable delay before the transition starts in the first place. I’m guessing this is due to illusory elements being created and prepared for transitioning.
This can take quite some time and is very noticeable, especially when click events are delayed by it.

Here’s a video of the issue: (the circled areas are where I clicked, you can see the delay between the touch indicator and the transition starting)

This seems like a problem with performance (the delay is longer on my phone compared to my laptop). Maybe you could optimize things a bit more, or see if there are any ‘expensive’ transitions which should be avoided?

Also, how about instead of waiting for the transition before changing the page, you just transition after the new route is mounted? This might at least improve perceived performance…

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  • Created 3 years ago
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justintaddeicommented, Dec 24, 2020

Thank you!

Also, I’ve enabled GitHub Discussions for the repo if you ever have any questions that don’t warrant creating an issue 💬

justintaddeicommented, Dec 24, 2020

Finally! Sorry for such a HUGE delay on this. I’ve been super busy lately traveling and looking for work (I just turned 20).

I just released v3 again!

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