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How to handle QTable row clicks?

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Hi Eli

I’m trying to react to a row click in a QTable (not row selection). With the code below I can observe that the click handler is called. So far so good. However I cannot find a way to know which row/item is clicked. The body slot is necessary to have the click handler installed. But I fear that a complete solution requires real ‘props’ (see #79). Or do you see a workaround?



        async def on_row_click(comp, msg):
            print('ROW CLICK', msg)

        body_slot = jp.QTr(
            click = on_row_click

        self.grid = jp.QTable(a=self,
                              style='width: 100%; margin: 0.25em',
                              separator='horizontal',  # 'cell', 'none'
                              # selected=self.selected_movies,

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  • Created 3 years ago
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mjmarecommented, Aug 19, 2020

I think it mostly comes down to personal preference. So my take:

  • the interesting features in ag-grid require a paid license.
  • QTable is part of the Quasar framework, which is awesome IMHO. If you use Quasar already, QTable is the natural choice.
  • Quasar and therefore QTable is Vue.js based
  • QTable is very flexible when used as a Vue component. Justpy currently has limitations that prevent using all this flexibility.
elimintzcommented, Aug 19, 2020

The free version of ag-grid comes with quite a few features that QTable does not have. For example: Allowing users to filter fields and allowing pinned columns. Ag-grid also supports more events and simpler cell editing.

As @mjmare says, QTable has flexibility that is no supported by JustPy (I’m working on this). Ag-grid is currently more flexible as you can put html in the cells.

In the end, it depends on the features you need.

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