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inner_html containing script tag breaks page

See original GitHub issue

The following example should insert a script tag into a div:

import justpy as jp

wp = jp.WebPage()
d = jp.Div()
d.inner_html = '<script>alert("Hello World!");</script>'

jp.justpy(lambda: wp)

But the result is a page full of JavaScript code. It looks like the closing </script> causes the the remaining code of the JustPy framework to be interpreted as HTML.

Although I’m aware of other possibilities to insert code into the HTML body (e.g. body_html), this smells like unsafe behavior. Besides, it would be handy to be able to just insert any HTML via inner_html.

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  • Created a year ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

elimintzcommented, Aug 29, 2022

This is interesting: Apparently htnl5 does not execute scripts inserted via innerHtml

Perhaps the solution is to wait for page_ready and then run a JavaScript script that inserts the wanted script not using inner html.

WolfgangFahlcommented, Aug 30, 2022

See #473 and #471 - i suggest we allow user specific java code to be explicitly loaded as part of the startup process. That will be way cleaner than having to fiddle with html as such. Especially debugging the java script code and setting break points will be way easier.

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