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Django 1.11 Incompatibilities

See original GitHub issue

The overall functionality to store actions via signals seems to work nicely in Django 1.11, but trying to use the activity_stream and display_action templatetags I came across some small things that are broken due to changes in 1.11.

  • actstream/templatetags/, line 96:

    return render_to_string(templates, context)

    Context is a django.template.context.Context instance here, but in 1.11 it must be a simple dict,

    return render_to_string(templates, context.flatten())

    would possibly fix that, haven’t fully tested it yet.

  • actstream/, top of the file:

        from django.conf.urls import url, patterns
    except ImportError:
        from django.conf.urls.defaults import url, patterns

    The patterns() function is not available anymore, either the url patterns need some rework or you’d have to provide your own vendorized version. In 1.9 it says:

    django.conf.urls.patterns() is deprecated and will be removed in Django 1.10. Update your urlpatterns to be a list of django.conf.urls.url() instances instead.

  • actstream/ All usage of render_to_response() is a problem, see

    The dictionary and context_instance parameters for the following functions are removed: django.shortcuts.render() django.shortcuts.render_to_response()

The changelog tells me that the latest, officially supported Django version is 1.9. Are there any plans yet to extend support to Django 1.10+?

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cb109commented, Jul 12, 2017

Thanks for your work @cmwaura 🙇

rrmerugucommented, May 28, 2017

whats the status of this PR? Eagerly waiting for 1.11 support

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