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Running a slow suspend function on `Flow` that's to be rendered makes UI freeze

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I’m running a slow suspend function (~4.5s) that’s running a WASM method. The whole UI completely freezes. The code is something like

val store: RootStore
val otherStore: RootStore

render {
  img { src( } { data -> callSuspendFunction(data) } handledBy otherStore.update

How am I supposed to use coroutines correctly? I’ve tried using withContext and other solutions that don’t help.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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Lundezcommented, Feb 8, 2022

Thanks, that’s really insightful.

I was afraid the issue was something along the lines of what you’re saying. I’ll see if I can get some recipe figured out. Last time I looked at building a PWA I believe that you need a new JS-file per webworker. Hopefully I’ll solve that one, and of course share it here 😄

A huge thank you for helping me come further in this issue! 🙏

chausknechtcommented, Jan 28, 2022

Looks much nicer now.

I would suggest, that you surround your handler inside with a try...catch in order to catch internal exception that might bubble. I am quite sure, that I had some within two or three pictures I have tried.

This should help right now.

We have encountered an issue (PR #579) dealing with our exception handling thanks to your issue here. So this might also help you if that is merged. So stay tuned 😃

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