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Each Command using markup language doesn't read "items" attr

See original GitHub issue

I was using markup language to map list on excel as mentioned in demo, but it was always giving me error that source is null. Then I debugged it and realized that it is not reading items attr from comment. When I set value for items in EachCommand class manually using debugger, then things work fine.

The regex matcher doesn’t consider items as attr, hence it is not adding it in command attr map.

My command: Screenshot from 2022-03-29 16-17-49

Value of items is null

Screenshot from 2022-03-29 16-17-13

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  • Created a year ago
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sachin-surya-softcommented, Mar 30, 2022

It worked when I tried editing using MS Excel. Thanks for your support. It would be good if we mention this in documentation that only use MS Excel for editing template, otherwise one would spend too much time in figuring out what went wrong.

SoltauFintelcommented, Mar 30, 2022

Yes, please only edit jxls templates with Microsoft Excel. We will check the documentation.

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