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Documentation: Audio + Text Feature Extraction

See original GitHub issue

The usage instructions are missing some information on the feature preprocessing step.

  • It would be helpful to give more exact instructions on how to extract spectrograms and phoneme features. Does the code expect phoneme .lab files from Festival, as indicated in r9y9’s deepvoice code?
  • is it possible to use deepvoice code to get the exact features expected by nonparaSeq2SeqVC? If so, which scripts are needed?

I’m going to try out the code now, and I’ll send PRs on documentation when I’m confident I can add something.


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jxzhangggcommented, Dec 20, 2019

See the commit ab1f8d4 for cleaning the text alignments

jxzhangggcommented, Dec 19, 2019

Alignments are not necessary. Despite I extracted the alignments, I actually didn’t use it during training. Therefore, all you need for preparing training data is phoneme sequences. Anyway, I used “” to get my phoneme labels. Configuring all the paths and enviroments should get the cutted phoneme labels as

0 750000 p
750000 1050000 l
1050000 3150000 iy
3150000 5600000 z
5600000 5750000 k
5750000 8450000 ao
8450000 8600000 l
8600000 9950000 s
9950000 10249999 t
10249999 12950000 eh
12950000 13200000 l
13200000 14750000 ax
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