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types are not imported into graphqlStores.ts

See original GitHub issue


I just put together a graphqlrc.yaml config as per the tutorial, and when running yarn gen, the files are generated.

Having a closer look at graphqlStores.ts, I noticed that the types used in the files aren’t imported, therefore ESLint is complaining.

Is that something you came across before?

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  • Created a year ago
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gregoryforelcommented, Apr 6, 2022

Thank you for the lib. While you’re at it, some quick notes:

  • I originally copied/paste the code from the all in tutorial. I had an error message saying that codegen was not indented properly.
  • Once I corrected the indentation (so codegen is at the same level as documents, the config failed me with
Invalid Codegen Configuration!

        Please make sure that your codegen config file contains the "generates" field, with
 a specification for the plugins you need.

        It should looks like that:

          - my-schema.graphql
            - plugin1
            - plugin2
            - plugin3

I ended up simplifying the config to:

  - ./src/lib/data-access/graphql/schema.json
  - './src/**/*.{gql,graphql}'
      - typescript
      - typescript-operations
      - typed-document-node
      - typescript-document-nodes

      - '@kitql/graphql-codegen'
      importBaseTypesFrom: $lib/data-access/graphql/_kitql/graphqlTypes
allcontributors[bot]commented, Apr 6, 2022


I’ve put up a pull request to add @gregoryforel! 🎉

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