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Handling "no data" scenario

See original GitHub issue


I’m wondering how to handle the “no data” scenario with the FlowRouter. Let’s say I want to have a route /article/:slug on which I want to render an Article (fetched by the slug field) along with related comments (separate collection). So I’ll define a route like this:

FlowRouter.route('/article/:slug', {
  subscriptions: function(params) {
    this.register('article', Meteor.subscribe('articleSlug', params.slug));
    this.register('comments', Meteor.subscribe('commentsByArticleSlug', params.slug));
  action: function() {
    FlowLayout.render('appLayout', { main: "articleDetail" });

In the template I’ll display the article details & comments when when subs are ready, until then just “loading…” text.

But what if the :slug param in the URL doesn’t match any article in the DB? I don’t want to keep displaying the “loading…” text, I want to display some sort of “Article not found” message. How to do this?

Thanks for any advice.

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  • Created 8 years ago
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delgermuruncommented, Apr 7, 2015

Hello @michalvalasek,

It’s not really router’s issue. You can check subsReady() on your template helper. If it’s ready server sent data.

So you can check whether article exist or not on client. a = Articles.findOne({slug: slug}) if (a) ... smth like than. if a is undefined, you can show another template or redirect to not-found page.

PS: I hope you understand me. But if you don’t feel free to ask further. I can show you code example. I can’t explain well, cause my English isn’t good enough 😃.

arunodacommented, May 18, 2015

This is a middleware and data handling related issue and related with #80. So, I’m closing this and let’s discuss at #80

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