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Cannot format a message without first setting the initial locale when open _error route

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Describe the bug When I try open _error route with some translate in it or in _layout, library throw error

Logs image

To Reproduce

  1. Clone i18n example repo
  2. Add some translate in _error OR _layout ({$_('title.index', { default: 'Sapper project template!' })}, for example)
  3. Open dont exist page (http://localhost:3000/ds)

Information about your project:

  • Browser: Chrome 82.0.4067.0

  • OS: Windows 10

  • svelte-i18n version: latest

  • Bundler: Rollup

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Reactions:6
  • Comments:15 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

tw1t611commented, Jan 21, 2021

For everyone coming across this issue using svelte@next. Here is my solution for now. Note that this is not prerendered at build-time.


<script context="module">
  // is not working atm for routes/* and on reload with snowpack
  // export async function preload() {
  //   return waitLocale();
  // }

  import NavBar from "../components/navbar/Navbar.svelte";

  import {
  } from "svelte-i18n";

  // note it's ending is .json, while the filename in static/ is  .json.js
  register("en", () => import("/lang/en.json"));

  init({ initialLocale: getLocaleFromNavigator(), fallbackLocale: "en" });

{#if $isLoading}
  Please wait...
    <NavBar />
      <slot />


  import { t } from "svelte-i18n";



export default {
  test: "test",
kevinXmichaelcommented, Dec 13, 2021

For me it was a problem that I use i18n-keys before they where actually initialized, so I needed to await the result:

    import {
    } from 'svelte-i18n'
    async function setup() {
      register('en', () => import('@/i18n/en.json'))
      return await Promise.allSettled([
        // TODO: add some more stuff you want to init ...
        init({ initialLocale: 'en', fallbackLocale: 'en' })

    const setupResult = setup()

{#await setupResult}
	<!-- <p> loading animation</p> -->
{:catch error}
	<!-- <p style="color: red">{error.message}</p> -->
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