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fallback doesn't work

See original GitHub issue
i18n.mjs:1 Uncaught Error: [svelte-i18n] Locale "it-IT" not found.
    at Object.ct.set (i18n.mjs:1)
    at locale.js:17
    at main.js:12

I have english (en) and german (de) defined as my locales, but if I change my language in Chrome to Italian (it-IT). It fails with the above error.

Here is my config:

import { locale, dictionary, getClientLocale } from 'svelte-i18n'
import { de, fr, en } from './i18n'

// Define a locale dictionary

// This is a store, so we can subscribe to its changes
locale.subscribe(() => {
  console.log('locale change')

// svelte-i18n exports a method to help getting the current client locale
    // the fallback locale, if didn't find any
    fallback: 'en',
    // set to 'true' to check the 'window.navigator.language'
    navigator: true,
    // // set the key name to look for a locale on ''
    // // ''
    // search: 'lang'

// Set the current locale to en-US
// locale.set('en')

I just get a blank page (demo:

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:14 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ralyodiocommented, Nov 24, 2019

I’m downgrading until you figure out how to fix your bugs.

kaisermanncommented, Nov 24, 2019

Fixed on v2.0.1. Please, see to set the initial and fallback locales in a simpler way 😁

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