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Sapper/SvelteKit i18n separation by route

See original GitHub issue

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Thank you once more for a great library. So the question is how to handle big-size projects with many pages. Is there any way to split translations by route and load only needed?

Describe the solution you’d like Let’s say

  • en
    • main
    • about
    • etc
  • de
    • main
    • about
    • etc

With the ability to asynchronously load any JSON in ssr/runtime from index.svelte of the selected route.

import { _, get, locale} from "svelte-i18n";
$: if (lang) get(async () => import(`../${locale}/main.json`))

How important is this feature to you? Probably it would be useful on every big-size project.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Basssiiiecommented, Sep 20, 2021

Update, after some fiddling I have managed to get load to work with the static adapter and it seems to hydrate as well:

<script lang="ts" context="module">
	import type { Load } from "@sveltejs/kit";
	import { register, waitLocale } from "svelte-i18n";

	register("en", () => import("./localisation/extra/en.json"));
	register("nl", () => import("./localisation/extra/nl.json"));

	export const load: Load = async () =>
		await waitLocale();
		return {};


Of course it doesn’t cover all your asked questions, but I hope it’s helpful!

thousandsofraccoonscommented, Oct 5, 2021

@Basssiiie @kaisermann After experimenting turns out that separation by route works. Only one thing for Sapper tho - when I return something from preload - translation getting broken. With declaring wirtable in module it works well. Thank you. Can close this issue.

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