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Pull Request behind the target branch causing issues

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By comparing a PR that may not have been rebased against the latest changes to master against master itself, graphql-inspector emits backwards compatibility warnings for any recently added fields, even though these fields won’t be removed by the PR. Although it’s possible to work around this by merging the latest master whenever this happens, this is a bit of a faff, especially given that GitHub doesn’t provide a button for doing this unless there’s a merge conflict.

Are there any tricks that would allow graphql-inspector to avoid showing these red herrings?

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kamilkisielacommented, Sep 11, 2020

@wopian done, use master and try to run Inspector Action on pull_request event, when it’s on push it won’t get a PR number. I would recommend to use pull_request on PRs and push for master branch or something like that.

dchamberscommented, Sep 30, 2019

I don’t understand why you want to do it. A Pull Request is defined to be merged into master, so you need to know if the PR won’t break anything. If you compare it to something different than what’s the point?

Could you explain a bit more? Maybe I don’t understand something?

Apologies @kamilkisiela, I managed to miss your reply here.

Suppose you have two developers, Bob & Sue, both working on the same codebase. They both pull the code at the same time to begin their work – let’s call the commit they start with #c0.

After a day, Sue commits a change where she adds a new field to the schema (Person.age for arguments sake), so that the latest commit on master is now #c1.

Bob then pushes a new feature that does not change the schema whatsoever, and so can’t possibly introduce a backwardly incompatible change. However, graphql-inspector compares his commit (which does not yet contain Person.age) against master, which does, and concludes that Bob is breaking backwards compatibility by removing the Person.age field.

Of course, he’s doing no such thing, and the problem is only that the latest version of master (containing commit #c1) was not merged into his branch before performing the comparison.

Hopefully that makes more sense now?

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