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collapseWhitespace doesn't fully collapses whitespace between two inputs

See original GitHub issue
minify("<input>    <input>", {collapseWhitespace: true});

Expected: <input><input> Actual: <input> <input>

HTMLMinifier version: 3.5.2 Node.js version: 8.1.4

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:7

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

alexlamslcommented, Jul 17, 2017

That’s working as expected - you may view the result in a web browser to see why that single whitespace is preserved.

EvgenyOrekhovcommented, Apr 17, 2019

@scipper Based on alexlamsl’s comment above, I assumed that the collapseWhitespace option is not intended to alter the behavior of the code, so I googled for the rules of HTML rendering, not for the rules of html-minifier. Something like “html whitespace between elements”.

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