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Missing html closing tag & both body tags.

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Hi guys,

When I opened my website with live server I noticed none of my JS functionalities were working. I quickly glanced over the minified HTML file and found that the html closing tag and both body tags were missing in the minified version.

I am running html-minifier with node-minifier

"@node-minify/core": "^4.0.5", "@node-minify/cssnano": "^4.1.0", "@node-minify/html-minifier": "^4.0.5", "@node-minify/uglify-es": "^4.0.5",

All the other minifiers have ran successfully.

I have a simple node-minifier config with no error handling, etc.

const minify = require("@node-minify/core")
const uglifyES = require("@node-minify/uglify-es")
const htmlMinifier = require("@node-minify/html-minifier")

  compressor: cssnano,
  input: "./app/public/index.css",
  output: "index.min.css",
  callback: function(err, min) {}

  compressor: uglifyES,
  input: "./app/public/index.js",
  output: "index.min.js",
  callback: function(err, min) {}

  compressor: htmlMinifier,
  input: "./app/public/index.html",
  output: "index.min.html",
  callback: function(err, min) {}

If this is a node-minifier issue then I will have to address it there. Thanks in advance, and for your hard work folks.


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  • Created 4 years ago
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ernestosotelocommented, Apr 26, 2019

@alexlamsl Thanks for your response. I looked into it a bit more, and it seems that Visual Studio Code’s live-server is the culprit. The page works perfectly fine when deployed, or when just opening the page locally without live-server. It seems, for whichever reason, that live-server does not respect opting out of these HTML tags. I definitely wasn’t aware that omitting these tags was permissible for browsers. So, you definitely taught me a thing or two here.

Thanks folks, I will continue to use this package as this was my only minor issue 😃



DamonHDcommented, Jun 27, 2020

Are you using --remove-optional-tags? Does omitting it do what you want?

My core safe set of flags is:

COREOPTS=“–minify-css true --minify-js true
–collapse-whitespace --conservative-collapse
–remove-comments --remove-empty-attributes
–remove-script-type-attributes --remove-style-link-type-attributes

I am a bit more aggressive for ‘lite’ / m-dot pages and also use --remove-optional-tags for them.



On 27 Jun 2020, at 11:07, Qian Chen wrote:

Is there an option to not remove the closing tags. I just want to have the html condensed but I like keep its structure intact.

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