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Result of intersect() is a set, not a list

See original GitHub issue

Per the API docs, intersect() returns a list; however, in reality, it returns a set. This makes it impossible to store non-hashable types like dicts with insert().

I forked the repo and changed the set to a list, which otherwise works fine, but sometimes the list contains duplicates. I presume the set is intended as a way to work around this, but why is this happening and would it be possible to fix at the source?

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  • Created 6 years ago
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karimbahgatcommented, Sep 13, 2018

Actually did a mistake, and once I corrected it now, there’s virtually no slowdown, from 0.010 to ca 0.015!

karimbahgatcommented, Sep 14, 2018

Fixed in new pypi release 1.0.0.

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