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[Bug] ipyplot breaks input() functionality in Jupyter Lab

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Hey! First off I just wanted to thank you for building this tool, I’ve found it really useful for some exploratory work I’ve been doing.

That said, I just spent a few hours trying to solve an issue that ended up being due to something in the ipyplot implementation.

My Environment

Python 3.7.5 Jupyter Lab 2.2.4 Ubuntu 16.04 inside WSL 2 on Windows 10

The Issue

When running input() in a Jupyter cell, the text-entry box would fail to render, leaving the interpreter frozen waiting for a response and no place to enter it.

The Unexpected Solution

It seems this was tied in some way to how ipyplot modifies the HTML, as I found that simply deleting the cells in my notebook that had previously run ipyplot.plot_class_tabs() made the text entry box for input() suddenly appear. The impact of this was surprisingly expansive, as it would actually cause entirely separate notebooks to exhibit this issue. I figured it out when I saw that closing a notebook containing ipyplot code caused a separate, new notebook to all of a sudden work correctly.

Just wanted to post this here in case you know of a fix, and in case anybody else encounters this issue.

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:9 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

BotScutterscommented, Aug 13, 2020

Awesome, yeah, using .to_numpy() is how I’ve been making it work thus far. For the distinction between JPG/PNG, I could have sworn I had previously seen an assert statement enforcing that the filetype be jpg, but I’m not finding it now… so maybe I was just hallucinating on that point 😛 If I come across that again I’ll bring it up here.

As for the issue around modifying what’s displayed on the indices, the use case I’m imagining isn’t putting the labels there, but actually values or text that are specific to each image. For example, in using this as a tool for viewing image classification results, I could display the confidence score for each image in that location.

BotScutterscommented, Aug 10, 2020

Hey @karolzak , sure thing, the version I have installed is 1.0.5

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