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【question】peaks is not the best match

See original GitHub issue

@thijstriemstra @katspaugh

In the process of learning, I find that my Audition is inconsistent with Adobe Audition。

My expression ability is not very good, but I tried to describe the problem and hope to get your reply. I attached the relevant audio in the issue

  • The highest peak waveform of wavesurfer is actually not the real peak
  • The real peak is not shown in the waveform, and the reason is probably because of the step size of the selection algorithm
  • wavesurfer and adobe audition time stamp location do not match, difference is close to 1 second

start: 422205, end: 436073, lenght: 13868, maxAplitude: 13849.4228515625

  • wavesurfer 10+s
  • adobe audition 9+s

my env

Additional information:

  • container div width: 1280
  • ratio :2

wavsurfer params:

container: '#waveform',
scrollParent: true,
ignoreSilenceMode: false,
progressColor: '#3B8686',
backend: 'MediaElement',
height: 600,
normalize: true,

target wav file


Looking at wavesurfer’s source code, I wonder if we missed the best peak because we made some choices for performance.


Why does it have the same peak effect as the Audition? The key is the time difference?

I think we’re gonna be okay because : samplereate -> 422205/41000 = 10.2976829268 second, we are correct. start:422205,end:436073,lenght:13868,maxAplitude:13849.4228515625


Can the problem of missing the best peak value selected by peaks be further optimized through callback function form where we can control the step size by ourselves?


full image:


Adobe auditon: image

max aplitude


  • time:
    • start: 10.297687712585034
    • end: 10.635932929421768

start:422205,end:436073,lenght:13868,maxAplitude:13849.4228515625 Probem1: It’s clearly not the highest waveform region in the picture Problem2: Adobe audition The timestamps in the same area are different from waveSurfer


audition with sample:

audition with time line: image

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  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:8 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

SilvaQcommented, Oct 27, 2022

In the future, if I submit relevant codes, I will attach this issue.

SilvaQcommented, Oct 24, 2022

wo set the Step size to 1 and get this waveform same as auditon complately。

i use max amplitude for 30k like audition, not use our absmax.





Thank you very much. I will submit PR at some time. Please provide custom functions to control the selection of peak and define absMax.

This allows us to customize our own algorithm when we have fineness drawing requirements.

@thijstriemstra @katspaugh

thanks again . Cheers!

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