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Feature request: id as a string instead of only integers

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Your Environment

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Plugin config

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Expected Behavior

Allow id’s of the notification to be a string? A typical scenario would be a room id in a chat application with a unique hashkey that I would like the notifications id to be equal to

Actual Behavior

errors with Id is not a number:

Steps to Reproduce

Set the id of a notification to some string e.g. “awkopa2002”


Trying to set the notification id to be a string

Debug logs

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Include iOS / Android logs

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  • State:closed
  • Created 7 years ago
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  • Comments:8 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

rwillettcommented, Mar 13, 2017

The point is that the plugin is being wholly rewritten for IOS10. That is a considerable undertaking.

Adding in functionality that isn’t really necessary and that is trivial to implement in a simple JavaScript wrapper, is not a good use of peoples time.

We manage dozens of notifications being set, changed, queried, reset, rescheduled every day all through a simple service which keeps everything unique and allows us to refer to notifications by name. I wrote it, so I know that its not difficult to do. We put it together in a morning from memory. In the grand scheme of ‘hard things’ to do, keeping track of notifications by a unique user defined name, isn’t difficult.

rwillettcommented, Mar 14, 2017

Why are you creating a hash function? There are masses of libraries that do this for nothing which are cryptographically correct. Most people (myself included) do not have the skills to write hashes that work properly.

But why do you need a hash function anyway? You have a unique name, a chat room, so why do you have to make it difficult by making a cryptographic hash (or non cryptographic hash).

You only have 64 local notifications to use anyway on IOS, writing a hash function for 64 local notifications is a little overkill.

We use a simple integer increment for all local notifications. We have a service that all the local notifications call that gets the next available unique integer. We query the local notifications when we start up, make sure that if we have any local notifications, the unique integer is greater than the greatest number from the query. This guarantees uniqueness, we then use a simple JavaScript associative array to link names to unique integers.

Thats simple, it’s easy, it works, there is no cryptographic hash needed.

Why are you making it difficult for yourself?

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