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ios10 branch: no action inside my app after receiving notification with app closed.

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Hi there,

I’m currently using #ios10 branch and testing local notifications.

I need to test 3 cases:

  1. App in foreground
  2. App running in background
  3. App not running

The both 3 cases works perfectly in any Android that I’ve tested and in iOS 9.

In IOS10 after a little searching i’ve got working in foreground using trigger event to do whatever I need to do. Also, if my app is running it works properly. But in case 3 i’ve got a problem in ios10.

The problem:

  • I receive the notification. I click in the notification. It opens my app and doesn’t do nothing. In my case, i need to show an inside popup when user clicks in the notification.

My code:

cordova.plugins.notification.local.on("click", function (notification) {
                //to show my custom popup with opened app.
            }, this);
if(ionic.Platform.isIOS() && ionic.Platform.version() >= 10){
            cordova.plugins.notification.local.on('trigger', function (notification) {
                    //to handle notification popup in foreground.

Is there a proper way to handle it in IOS10 when the app is closed? What should I do?

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  • Created 7 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

tfrenkencommented, Mar 10, 2017

Can confirm this. LocalNotifications.on(“click”, …) is trigged when clicking on notification and app is in foreground. When app is suspended / in background, the method is not called. This happens on Android 7, iOS10 and UWP. We use Ionic 2.0.0.

steveracinecommented, Jan 31, 2017

I’m also seeing this behavior in iOS10. When the app is running in the foreground, the .on(‘trigger’…) callback will execute, but when the app is running the background, or not running, the function is never executed.

Can confirm that the event is received as expected and that the “click” event will be executed when the app is opened from the background, but “trigger” is not.

Should there be a different listener for the app running the background or not at all?

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